Thomas (boggyb) wrote,

gdb fail

It never ceases to amaze me just how backward the Linux development environment is.

Today I attempted to debug a test program that segfaults about 5 minutes after startup for no apparent reason. I managed to get a core dump of it, and loaded it into gdb in the hope of finding what was going on. Hahaha.

gdb could give me a valid stack trace showing the error, and could disassemble the program around the error to show me the actual instructions involved. However, gdb could not tell me the value of all the variables there (it claimed that some variables weren't even defined, nevermind that the program uses them all over the place!), nor could it actually match the disassembly up to the source.

Come on, folks, Visual C++ has been able to do this for decades! The Windows debugging tools are so far ahead it's embarassing for Linux.

I did actually discover a patch to gdb to achieve this, submitted April last year. Unfortuantly it's not in the latest released version of gdb (released March last year), and I really don't fancy building gdb from source myself.
Tags: linux, programming, windows

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