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Back to school


Well, it's the start of the summer term and I'm using the morning assembly by typing this on my calculator (I got the idea from crschmidt - this post in particular). the line-up for today is maths, more maths, further maths and physics. I've lost my maths folder and so expect to be hung, drawn and quartered by 3 out of 4 teachers today. Oh well.

I've just heard that there's 2 weeks left before study leave, and with a bank holiday next Monday that means I won't see these maths teachers until after the exams. But that means I'll have one less physics lesson, and we need to finish astrophysics before study leave. Panic!

Time for the 1st maths lesson now. It's statistics, and CL is more tolerant than most with missing homework. I've not bunked a lesson yet, and I'm not going to start now.


I survived the statistics lesson. Physics is next. There wasn't any homework for physics, but DJC is convinced that we have done a mock exam. Looks like I'll be very busy this week.


Played Subspace this lunch. Only lost 1 game of soccer, which is good going for me.


It's the middle of mechanics, and YC is going over a mock paper our class has done. I got 28 out of 48, which isn't too bad (it's above average for the class). I messed up some really stupid things, got confused with resolving forces with angles and swapped differentiation and integration round. Oh well.


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