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That walk was somewhat longer than I expected. Left the house at approx 4:40pm, returned at 8:30. GPS guesses the trip as being 12 miles, though some of that was by bus. As a result, my feet are most unimpressed.

For a change, I decided to get the bus to Portchester and then walk back to Fareham (usually I do this walk from Fareham to Portchester and get the bus back). Unfortuantly for me, it was blowing an absolute gale towards Portchester, and so I had to fight the wind all the way back. It was sufficiently windy that you could lean into it and not fall over.

But I found all three geocaches I attempted (including one where I walked to where the co-ordinates were, turned round and spotted it instantly), dropped off a travel bug I've had for too long and took some nice photos, so it was all good.
Tags: geocaching, walking

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