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The computer wizard's hat

(x-posted to boggyb, discworld (Ridcully's hat) and tech_support)

I watched Pagan last night, and they had a bit at the end about wizard's hats and magic and all that stuff. Basically, a large part of magic is knowing something that others don't (how to fix a computer, where the sun will rise today, how to make this card disappear before your very eyes). And since we techies all know a lot more than most computer users, we obviously qualify for being wizards. With me so far?

So what we should all have is special "computer wizard" hats! I'm not talking just a pointy hat, but more like the one that Ridcully has in the Discworld books. His hat has hidden pockets, a spirit stove, some beer in the tip, and a tent in the brim. What I was thinking of is more pratical for computer wizards - secret storage compartment for cds (horizontal, just above your head inside), usb flash drive built into the brim, small worm/flex light for peering at the backs of computers, and for when everything fails, a nice sledgehammer hidden deep inside!
Okay, maybe that last part is a bit silly, but you know it'll come in handy!

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