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Well, I *was* intending to finish testing my code today. Unfortuantly, my work desktop had other ideas. As best as I can tell (because providing useful debug is not the Linux way), the Xen hypervisor committed ritual seppuku no less than four times today. And because in Xen, the host OS is itself partially virtualised, this resulted in my desktop resetting with no warning or error message four times. So, instead of doing useful work, I spent most of today rebuilding my test environment (consisting of multiple interlinked virtual machines) multiple times.

For added annoyance, two of those resets managed to trash my Firefox profile. And there is no way to recover from a corrupt Firefox profile short of creating a new profile, restoring bookmarks from a backup, reinstall all of your addins and reapplying every single configuration change you've ever made. That reminds me, I need to set the "self-signed certificates are not made of utter evil" option so that I can actually use all those hardware management pages on our servers.

Remind me why people put up with this?

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