Thomas (boggyb) wrote,

Cornwall holiday, day 3

Good juju today: getting the St Mawes ferry just before it left the pier.

Bad juju today: oversleeping so that it was too late to go anywhere further afield, and discovering that St Mawes castle is only open Friday to Monday. That is not a typo.

Ah well, I had a nice random walk up around the headland and then made my way back down through the town, discovering a Holy well in the process that I never knew existed. This stay has been full of finding oddities that I never found in previous years.

The ferry crossing had its share of fun as well. At St Mawes, the entire harbour is drained at low tide which results in the ferry having to tie up right at the end of the pier. Today was a spring tide, and the tide was low enough that they had problems getting close enough to the pier (hence the quote from the captain)! In the end we all went to the back of the ferry to try and balance it as the captain drove it up onto the sand a bit.

I also found a set of old postcards in the post office - they were old enough to be genuine sepia prints!

Anyway, after getting back to Falmouth I then went for an evening stroll around Pendennis Point. I do like being out walking at night - everything is just so different to during the day, and you seem to hear the surrounding environment more at night. The waves breaking over the rocks sound louder, and since almost everyone else is at home there's less noise of people and cars (though as well as dog walkers I saw a photographer and a pair of joggers running in the dark). I walked right the way down to Little Dennis (a small fort built right at the tip of the point, as a stop-gap while the main castle was being constructed) and experiment with some night-time photography. The stone wall made for a nice stable platform, and it's amazing how much detail a digital camera can pick out in the dark. The 16-second exposures did help, though...
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