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Cornwall holiday, day 1

So here I am, sitting in the holiday cottage with the Chill DAB radio failing to drown out the tremendous winds battling the Cornish coast. Oh yes - for those of you who don't know (probably most), I've finally got round to visiting Cornwall again. I have the week off work, and am staying in a wonderful holiday cottage in Falmouth.

It is both wonderful and strange, visiting a place you've not seen for nearly ten years. Some parts are exactly how I remember, some parts have changed, and spookily a dream I had a while back was spot-on for accuracy.

Good stuff about the trip so far: the laptop is still train-proof and still has "enough" raw grunt, the bluetooth cellphone link worked perfectly, and I made all my changes despite Network rail not telling the signalman about a diversion to one route. Bad stuff about the trip: the MP3 player batteries that I *thought* were charged were in fact flat, and my laptop is stubborn and is not recharging past 58%. Gah. Oh, and I bought my train ticket to the station *before* the ideal one, which meant extra walking in the wind and rain. But it was alright, as the walk was filled with good memories.

Addendum: you know the weather's bad when it's eating your internet connection. It takes a lot to knock out my phone.
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