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I apparently have two choices when it comes to computing:

a) stick with obsolete, buggy, insecure programs that actually work and actually have a sensible user interface

b) upgrade to current, less buggy, marginally more secure programs that don't work and have truely awful user interfaces

This is why I still use IE6 (the IE7 interface sucks under XP), why I still use a 15-year-old FTP client (nothing else actually does what I want), why I still use mplayer2.exe (clean, simple, effective) and why I still use an 8-year-old cellphone (it Just Works, damnit). Sometime in the past few years almost all of usability and practicality went out the window in favour of shinyness and buzzwords.

This rant brought to you by discovering that RealPlayer 11 only lets you resize using the bottom-right corner of the window.
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