September 18th, 2021

Tall ships (porthole)

The highly inaccurate guide to Strictly 2021: The Launch!

Yes, Strictly Come Dancing is back, which means it's time for another highly inaccurate guide!

Intro dance
And we start with an ominous-looking opening over what could be Gotham City. But it's okay, the glitter signal is there to summon the dancers and the judges (with Anton doing his best James Bond impression).

Professional dancer's introduction
Some sort of serious dance-off with deeply complicated rules? Oddly, this reminded me of the chess tango from Strictly 2020...

It's lovely that the presenters have learnt some sign for Rose Ayling-Ellis (at least I assume they're signing correctly - I once learnt the signing for "Peace be with you", but if you don't get it quite right it becomes "Twins be with you" 😅). The presenters mentioning her interpreter reminded me of an odd article from Sussex University's student magazine - one student had decided to go round Brighton and sign random conversations they overheard as they passed by.

Kiss My (Uh-Oh) by Anne-Marie
Shake your uh-oh!

Last years' winners Bill and Oti: Rapper's Delight by The Sugarhill Gang
The commuters are once again arranging deals through the language of interpretative dance. This is one of my favourites from last year and still impressive to watch - there's motion on every beat in it.

Group dance
Can't stop the dancing!

Bonus quotes!
Tess: "Even Craig is smiling... for now"
Robert Webb: "I just want to be fired from a glitter cannon. Or have a glitter cannon fired at my head"
Greg Wise: "The thing about this show is people generally are kind" (cameraman: "Have you met Craig?")
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