September 10th, 2021

Tall ships (porthole)

Geocaching Reach the Peak challenge: Puncak Jaya

I should blog more... so here's a random geocaching blog! is currently running a new challenge: Reach the Peak, where finding caches earns you points and if you earn enough points you get a souvenir on your profile. The souvenir is for a given mountain and the points needed are equal to the height of the mountain (hence Reach the Peak). Fortunately a cache is worth several hundred points so you don't have to find all that many for each souvenir!

The first one for the month of August was Puncak Jaya! It's 4884 metres tall, hence 4884 points were needed and at between 300 and 600 points a cache that's only about a dozen caches to reach the peak and claim the souvenir. It's actually easier than that, because not only do the new Adventure Lab caches count for this, but those are made up of 5 waypoints and each one is worth 350 points. So a single Adventure Lab gets me over a third of the way there.

Anyway, here's what I found for Puncak Jaya:
  • Walk in William's footsteps: an Adventure Lab leading from Titchfield Abbey down into Titchfield itself. This made for a nice stroll as part of a longer circular walk to the Abbey and back.

  • A Fareham Fling: another Adventure Lab, this time with random trivia around Fareham town centre, some of which I'd spotted and some was new to me. Looking at my logs, the first waypoint I found October last year, and then the next wasn't until August! I kept forgetting to check for the waypoints when out walking.

  • Hilsea Highlights: I met up with my sister the other day for a walk around Alexandria Park and happened to spot this was there, so we gave it a go.

  • The Foxes #2: the only actual geocache I found for this souvenir!

  • Let's improve the outdoors: a special locationless cache that you can claim a find on if you, well, help improve the outdoors! I logged this by helping friends from church tidy up the church grounds.

So for Puncak Jaya, I easily reached the summit with I think 5550 points (the Adventure Labs do help a lot). The next challenge is Vinson which needs 4892 points in September. Let's see if I manage that!