December 1st, 2019

Tall ships (porthole)

Advent 2019, day 1

Well, NaBloPoMo was a definite fail this year - I got part-way through November and just completely failed at the whole daily posting thing. Ah well, it was bound to happen one of these years. There's far too many unfinished series of posts of this blog (most of them Zelda playthroughs) - really, what I ought to do next year is sit down and just bash out an entire 30-day set of posts, then queue them up to be automatically posted each day.

And here I am starting another post series. Last year I only managed to actually submit posts for 6 days (despite doing the prep work of taking photos for the entire month!) - let's see if I'm any more successful this time round!

So, Advent! As is traditional my sister and I have exchanged home-made Advent calendars, each full of random randomness for the next 25 days. My one to her contains tea, not-tea, and more not-tea. And her one to me contains... chocolate and snowmen? When I picked it up from her the other weekend she handed me a present as well and said that I was allowed to open it on the 1st. So I did as instructed and it contained a set of five foam snowmen! I've also got a Lindt one for myself (because there has to be a chocolate one), and unearthed my Lego Star Wars calendar from many years back, so day 1 had a fairly decent haul...

Five snowmen, one snowman card, one chocolate coin, one nose for a snowman, some string, a Lego Star Wars droid of some sort or other, and a chocolate reindeer. Nice! Now I just need to work out where to put everything - elemnar's calendar fits nicely hung over a cupboard door...

...and the chocolate one can go anywhere, but the usual place for the Star Wars one is full of tea. A bit of tidying is in order, methinks.

Oh, and the snowman needs his nose. There was only one nose, so the others will have to wait!

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