November 28th, 2018

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Name that Song, round 10: the answers!

Filler, I know, but hey at least I'm posting the answers in a reasonable amount of time!

Anyway, it's time for the answers to round 10 of Name That Song! There were no comments on LiveJournal (which I was half-expecting), but I cross-posted the same quiz to Facebook and got some surprising results there. Turns out a few songs I thought were originals are actually covers!

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Let's see... there were a lot of mainstream songs in there, but my music player also threw up a few more random entries. Songs for Phillip is incredibly obscure (I'm not sure if it was ever sold outside of Horsham), and I wouldn't have thought many people will know the Sonic Adventure 2 soundtrack. And of course there's an Irish entry from Clannad in there to mix things up.

The high score over on Facebook was 10 tracks right (artist or album or title) - did anyone here do better?

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