November 10th, 2018


They also served

While I was in town today, trying and mostly failing to dodge the intermittent downpours, I wandered into the museum to have a look at their current exhibitions. They had two going on this time.

The first was art inspired by objects from their collection - I found this mostly incomprehensible as the artwork was coloured tissue paper stuck to a white background and then drawn on with oil pastels. Every once in a while there'd be a recognisable shape, or something that closely matched an exhibit (like a mosaic tile from Titchfield Abbey) but mostly it felt like being attacked by bright colours.

The second was on the First World War and those from Fareham who lost their lives. The curator of that exhibition had started with the names on Fareham's war memorial and tracked down where else they were remembered, including travelling to find gravestones and memorials in France. Two things stood out from that exhibition: a map plotting where all those lost originally lived in Fareham...

...and a list of those who survived...

When remembering the wars, one doesn't often think of those who came home afterwards, and the struggles they had in adjusting back to civilian life and trying to find work.
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Tall ships (porthole)

File transfer fail!

I had some files (the photos in the previous post) that I wanted to transfer from my phone to my PC. One would have thought that in 2018 this would be a simple task...

Bluetooth: nope. Transfers would start, but then fail partway through for no apparent reason.

Direct USB connection: nope. One USB port threw a fit over excessive power draw. The other port worked and the phone appeared in My Computer, but never managed to open the folder with the photos (some driver layer either objected to the number of photos or just took far too long to list them all).

USB memory stick: mostly nope. The photo album has no way to directly send a photo to the memory stick, and while I could have probably found the photo and copied it myself in the file manager it would be hard to find the right photo.

Copy to network share: is that even a thing on Android? Again, suffers from there being no "send to network share" option in the photo album.

Fine, so I'll give up on a local file transfer and pick something cloud-based. Because of course the best way to copy a file between two devices in the same room is to bounce it off a server in America.

Google Keep: nope. The note appeared online but the photo only showed up inside the phone app.

Google Docs: extra special nope. The online view had a partially-uploaded photo.

Email: success! Sigh.

xkcd 949

Every time you email a file to yourself so you can pull it up on your friend's laptop, Tim Berners-Lee sheds a single tear.