January 11th, 2017

Tall ships (porthole)

Pasta night!

Monday's games of choice were Ticket to Ride and Boss Monster - this is becoming a common combination.

I played Boss Monster, and we tried the Crash Landing expansion. This adds a new alien treasure type which was just as well as that became the only decent treasure in my dungeon, giving me a steady supply of heroes to squash. Paddy built a rather strong dungeon based around monster rooms with mutual bonuses and was on course to win... until I added a Crushinator to my dungeon. That, plus Louise building over one of her money treasure types resulted in me getting a whole slew of thieves in the final round which were splatted by my now overpowered dungeon and gave me the win by 2 points. The Crushinator is rude - in the endgame it basically gives your dungeon +10, and even the strongest epic heroes top out at 13 hit points. I think every winning dungeon I've built has been powered by one.

Driving back there were a collection of clowns on the road. The gold medal goes to the numpty that decided a 40 limit wasn't fast enough and so overtook me on the approach to a blind summit (ignoring both sanity and the no-overtaking road markings). As often happens with such numpties, he headed off into the distance... only for me to catch up with him while climbing Bury Hill.

Second place goes to someone at one of the Chichester roundabouts, who picked the leftmost lane on the approach (which in this case was marked as taking the first exit) and exited in the rightmost lane of the third exit. And finally, honourable mention to the chap that tailgated me through the penultimate Chichester roundabout, immediately pulled out into the righthand lane to overtake me as we exited... and then didn't, as I accelerated up to the 70mph speed limit. He eventually decided that speed limits didn't apply to him and passed me at ~75mph.
Tall ships (porthole)

The continuing saga

Haha. Right, well, epic fail has occurred on many levels with the continuing saga - certain figures used in calculations were wrong, certain durations used were wrong (no, 4 weeks is not equivalent to 1 month), and an interesting tidbit of news has called various justifications into question as well.

The wording of a certain Important Letter is also rather curious - taken one way it could mean a large lump sum payment in additional to everything that's normally due. The way it's worded implies that some reliance can be placed on this figure, which did I mention is one of those wrong figures (wrong in my favour as it happens which makes it even more fun)?

The bringers of the letters (who are doing everything properly) have gone away with a set of rather pointed questions to ask certain parties. Legal's reaction to it all may be... interesting. There is a Process that must be followed in the ongoing saga and it appears that other parties have not followed said Process...
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