July 26th, 2016

Twilight Princess

Twilight Princess HD: Onwards to Plot

Can you at least promise me this? No matter what happens on your journey, don't try to do anything... out of your league. Please.

Oh, Ilia, you'd be amazed what Link can do... he's destined for much greater things than delivering a gift to Hyrule Castle.

Anyway, since last time much Plot has happened. I'd forgotten just how much plot Twilight Princess throws at you - Ilia and Colin have been captured by some Bulbins, the land has been covered in twilight, Link's been turned into a wolf and also been captured, met Midna, escaped, met Zelda, escaped some more, sneaked a sword and shield out of Ordon Village, restored the light spirit of Faron, and turned back into a human.

Oh, and I've discovered that Link's actually not a simple rancher but the hero chosen by the goddesses to save Hyrule. All that in an hour or so of gameplay.

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