June 30th, 2015

Demons of stupidity

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This was one of those commutes, where it seems like absolutely no-one has any idea which lane they want to be in or where they're going.

Actually, that's a bit harsh. They do know which lane they don't want to be in - and it's the one that they were in for the last couple of minutes. Until a couple of minutes later, at which point they decide that actually they did want to be in the first lane after all.

And of course all of these are last-minute decisions where they suddenly swerve across the road and only bother to indicate once they're half-way through the lane change.

Sigh. Still, I do have working air con in the Alfa, which is more than can be said for when I was taking the bus to work.
Tall ships (porthole)

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So, I was out for an evening stroll taking the long way to Tesco's, where out of the corner of my eye I saw what looked like a faint camera flash, but looking around I couldn't spot anything to cause it and so just thought it was rather odd. Then a few seconds later as I was walking underneath the railway bridge, I heard the rumblerumblerumblerumble sound of a passing train... up until with a BOOM it morphed into the sound of thunder.

At that point I decided it would be a good idea to cut the rest of my walk short and head straight to Tesco's. This worked out well, as a couple of minutes after I got there it started bucketing down outside.

Curiously enough the rain only lasted a minute or two, and that single strike was it for the lightning, leaving the evening with that hot and muggy feeling that threatens but never quite delivers a thunderstorm. British weather is weird.
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