April 30th, 2015

Alfa MiTo

Today's random car discovery

Today's car discovery is that if a passenger unbuckles his seatbelt before I've come to a complete stop, my Alfa beeps at me. Continuously. And it keeps on sounding the beeper until he does the seatbelt back up, even if I've now stopped.

It's also exactly the same pitch of beeper that it uses when it displays an important warning message (such as "Power steering corrector failure" or "Low oil pressure") which confused me no end as I was trying to work out what had failed.

A semi-related discovery is that the indicator noise on my car is entirely artificial, as when I put the indicators on the sound changed from "beeeeeeeeeeeeee" to "beeeeee*tick* beeeeee*tock* beeeeee*tick* beeeeee*tock*". In older cars you would actually hear the relay clicking - now, if there's a relay it's much quieter.
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