April 3rd, 2015

Alfa MiTo

Car post!

Okay, so I'm actually writing this on the 13th and not on the date it claims it is, but that's because I'm vaguely trying to catch up on posts. Maybe. Possibly.

Car post! Over March I clocked up another 372.8 miles - about the same as last month. I also fed it another 250ml or thereabouts of oil. Oil consumption seems to have stabilised at roughly 200ml/1000km, which is better than what the book says it'll drink (600g/1000km). Everything else is all as it should be, and I picked up a nice little digital tyre pressure gauge that actually works (unlike the spring-loaded stick-type ones, which are horribly inaccurate) and doesn't result in 0.1 bar of pressure escaping just through wrestling with the hose on the compressor.

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Hopefully this will solve the power steering issue. Certainly the lights don't dim anywhere near as much when starting now!
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