February 15th, 2015

Tall ships (porthole)

Project frankenlaptop: will it work?

With the CCFL tube replaced, it's time to start putting the laptop back together!

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And now for the important question: will it blendwork? There's now enough put back together that if I plug the laptop in I can boot into the BIOS - wait, the power button is on the keyboard. Okay, there's almost enough put back together and I can balance the keyboard on top for testing. Here goes...

Project frankenlaptop

Aether lives!

The boot failure is expected - the SSD is still in the pile of parts. I've even gotten rid of that annoying hum from the inverter when dimming the backlight (which does suggest the inverter board may also have been on its way out).

Now I just need to put the rest of it back together...