December 8th, 2014

Tall ships (porthole)

Computer modding... with a soldering iron!

I'm still waiting on some of the bits I ordered (one parcel appears to have disappeared between Overclockers despatching it and UPS receiving it - they're going to try again, hopefully with a more competent courier), but enough parts have arrived for me to start work on Nyx. So yesterday evening I stripped the system down with the aim of fitting a front panel memory card reader.

Now, the sensible way to fit it would be to plug it into a spare USB header on the motherboard. Except I don't (or rather, won't once the Overclockers order arrives) have any spare headers. The motherboard has three (each providing two ports) - two will be used by a front panel I/O module, and the third contains the built-in wifi daughterboard. Which in theory only needs one of the two USB ports, and has an unpopulated footprint for a header for the other port (it's even labelled). Can you see where this is going?

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As a side note, while rebuilding Nyx I accidentally swapped the graphics and SCSI cards round. On resuming Windows from hibernation (yes, I didn't even fully shut the PC down to work on it!) the SCSI card is now marked as missing a driver which is somewhat expected - the card isn't officially supported and so the driver needed some hackery to install. However there's now a new entry in Device Manager for the PCI graphics card. Oh, and the Firewire controller has been flagged up as failed.

Here was me thinking that Nyx would be less chaotic than Khaos was...
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