May 31st, 2014

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I am amazed at how primitive Android is.

Case in point: while playing around with the GPS on a Samsung Nexus, I wanted to see what sort of reception it was getting as it seemed to be taking a very long time to calculate the position. So I went looking for some sort of satellite status screen. On my Nokia 6210 Navigator this is easy enough - select Satellite Status from the menu of either the built-in Maps app or the built-in GPS data app, and it'll show signal strength. An alternate view shows the satellite constellation.

On Android, there's no such feature that I can find. There's also no option to control whether or not to use assisted GPS, let alone any configuration for that (such as which server to use and whether to use the server when roaming).

The next surprise is that the built-in camera app doesn't handle QR codes. Okay, to be fair, neither does the camera app in the Nokia, but that has the excuse of being nearly 6 years older. But both lose out to the 3DS which can handle QR codes just fine.
Tall ships (porthole)

Not Another Message

The Not Another Bill packages are a feat of cardboard engineering, with a single sheet that thanks to an angled pair of folds forms a cuboid from a rectangle. A side-effect of this folding is that there is an outside, an inside, and a third side between two layers.

It was amusing to discover that this extra side was not merely blank, but held hidden messages...

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