May 18th, 2014

Tall ships (porthole)

Modding my bookcase

So, I was looking at my bookcase this morning thinking that to actually fit all my books what I really wanted to do was to put an extra couple of shelves in where Ikea hadn't provided fixing points for them. I looked at it for a while trying to work out if I could come up with some other arrangement, when I realised that I could just drill the extra holes myself...

The red is a bit of electrical tape I used as a depth marker, so I didn't end up drilling through the entire side of the bookcase (as that would be annoying). This is actually on the second set of holes, as I was part-way through when I realised that this could be today's photo. It's actually rather tricky to try and take a photo one-handed while using the other hand to hold the drill!

Result! The pins are in the first set of holes I did, which are in the gap between the existing two sets. Those were the easier ones to measure and line up. Anyway, time to put all the books back...

And there we go. Much better, and there's more space for the all-important random trinkets as well.