April 20th, 2014


Oncoming traffic

Tuesday's driving lesson was all about dealing with oncoming traffic! More specifically, it was about how to handle passing parked cars both with and without other traffic going the other way. It turns out that it's all about road position.

This is written a few days later than usual (due to real life suddenly happening at great speed) so hopefully I've remembered it correctly.

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A bit of random trivia on Gosport: the area we parked in to go over the lesson is a quiet residential street, but with unusually wide roads (you could fit four cars across with ease). The reason for this is the roads were actually built to be wide enough for tanks. And the reason they were built for tanks was for the D-Day landings, some of which embarked from Stokes Bay.

Anyway, on to next week. I've now covered all the going forwards parts, and the next lesson is on going backwards! Though my instructor's not sure how much of reversing we'll cover next week, as what we might do is more practice at junctions and roundabouts (which I certainly feel I could do with!).