November 26th, 2013

Tall ships (porthole)

Salmon Napolitana?

I see talismancer has finally run out of board-game-listing posts. Now, I could go on about that... but instead I'll post a recipe idea!

Take one Tuna Napolitana sauce sachet, and follow the destructions on it. However, instead of using a tin of tuna, add a tin of salmon. I used pink salmon when I made this up the other day (and because I'm lazy, I bought a tin of skinless & boneless). Simples!

Ideally you want some veg or something with it - I find it goes quite well with some rocket salad.

I get four servings out of this, which means one to eat now, one to go in the fridge for tomorrow (give it a couple of minutes in the microwave on high to reheat), and two to go in the freezer for whenever (I give it around 10 minutes on defrost stirring part-way through, then a couple on full blast to reheat it).
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