November 23rd, 2013

Tall ships (porthole)

NaBloPoMo so far

I'm sure talismancer's attempt to turn one post into at least four counts as cheating at NaBloPoMo. Except he's already cheating at it by having written almost all his posts in advance (as of the start of the month he only had 2 to go). So this is what... cheating at cheating?

Come to think of it everyone is doing quite well at NaBloPoMo this year - the four of us that I know are taking part (myself, allegramente on her new blog, omgimsuchadork, and talismancer) are still going at it. There's been some cheekiness with backdating posts and a few "oh bugger it's almost tomorrow" fillers, but generally we're all still managing daily posts. Last year it had all pretty much fallen apart long before this stage.

I'm a bit surprised at what I've managed myself at this. Having started live-blogging Skyward Sword, I was thinking that I'd end up just posting that for the whole of NaBloPoMo. Instead I've only made eight posts on that so far, out of um... 29 (there's a 30th, but that doesn't count as you can't see it). That's partially because there's only so much that I end up nattering about in each post, but also because there's been a fair amount of non-Zelda posts as well that I've managed. It's still not at the levels of posting that I had during university.

Of course, this never lasts and come 1st December this journal will surely revert to its usual radio silence :)
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