October 22nd, 2013

Tall ships (porthole)

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Well, that was a rather unsuccessful attempt to photograph lightning during the storm that just passed directly overhead (with one *very* bright and loud strike about half a mile away). There were a few strikes that the digital camera on long exposure could have caught, except they occurred between photos. And then it ran out of batteries, and I discovered that the spare set were also flat.

So I turned to the film SLR, at which point the thunderstorm died down and left me with several exposures of nothingness. There *might* be one on there if my reflexes were fast enough... but I won't know until I develop the film (which is half the fun of using film).

The storm's still rumbling on nearly an hour after it started, but at a low enough rate that I'll just waste the film if I keep going with the 30-second exposure approach.