December 2nd, 2012

Demons of stupidity

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The CFL-only light fittings (like these) have an absolutely rubbish failure rate. Out of a sample of 7:

One failed within a couple of months.
One failed after a year and a half.
One failed after about 3 years.
Two still work after 2 and a half years.
One still works after 4 or so years.
Another still works after 4 or so years, but has only been used for a handful of hours (it's in a cupboard).

So that's a failure rate of 43%. These things are supposed to last longer than the bulbs, which have a rated lifetime of 5 or so years. I'd have expected them to outlast several bulbs, otherwise what's the point of separating the electronics and the fluorescent tube?

I think I'll see if I can get the landlady to replace the latest dead fitting with a classic non-CFL-only one.
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