Thomas (boggyb) wrote,

Have MP3 player, will walk

I was struck by a quote from a news article today:

"I have to stand in a queue here in pouring rain after having walked two kilometres from my hotel"

While I understand about the pouring rain, I don't see the fuss about having walked a bit over a mile. It just doesn't seem like that far a distance to me. Then again, I do walk further than that on a regular basis, as it's about two miles each way to the supermarket.

I also tend to go on long walks, without even realising how far I've walked. Back in Feburary I walked about 9 miles total down towards Gosport and back, at about six in the evening, simply because I was curious what was in that direction. It didn't seem that long, even when I ended up doubling back and taking longer routes than I needed to. I've quite often done the mile-or-so circular walk of the Cams Hall estate (plus another 3 or so miles to get there and back) for no reason other than it's a nice walk and something to do at the weekend. It just seems strange to me that some people consider a mere mile to be a long walk.

I have had this xkcd feeling more than once, though:

Bored with the Internet, xkcd #77


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