November 2nd, 2010

Tall ships (porthole)

Brainteaser answer

Several people came up with solutions to yesterday's puzzle that only required moving one matchstick, but only one person found the real answer. For reference, the equation was this:

I + XI = X

And the challenge was to work out what the fewest numbers of moves was required to make a valid equation.

delta_mike spotted the obvious solution of moving the second I to the far right, giving I + X = XI (this is the one I tried originally). talismancer came up with a slight variation on this as well.

Bonus marks to omgimsuchadork for the inventive answer of moving the I to create I + XI ≠ X

One guy at work found yet another 1-move solution: I - XI = -X

Of course, this is a trick question and so none of those are correct. Collapse )
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