April 11th, 2010

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Yesterday's discovery is that a 10-year-old Ericsson T39m has better standards-based synchronisation support than a shiny new HTC Desire I was trying to set up.

My Ericsson T39m can synchronise the calendar and phone book over Bluetooth (and possibly infra-red) with anything that speaks the standard Bluetooth PIM profile. The HTC Desire can't do that.

The Ericsson T39m can exchange calendar and phone book entires over Bluetooth and infra-red with anything that speaks the standard OBEX profiles. The HTC can receive phone book entries (but prompts for every single one, making it impractical to do a bulk transfer), but cannot receive calendar entries. I'm not sure if it can send entries either - I didn't investigate that.

New phones are supposed to be better than old ones, not worse!
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