March 11th, 2010

Tall ships (porthole)

The Shapeshifter

The only downside to being a bookworm and a fast reader is that good, easy-to-read books don't last long. That and I surface from the book to find that the day has suddenly vanished and I've not eaten yet.

This brought to you by Ali Sparkes' Shapeshifter series, which I recommend you all go and read right now. I should warn you that the rest of this post is me musing about the series, and contains massive spoilers.

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Anyway, having read that I'm now in search of the next series to read. (I'm also reading the Wheel of Time series, but I picked up Shapeshifter as well as I was always waiting for one or the other to make its way to my local library - there's never enough copies!). So, what have you all been reading recently, and do you have any recommendations?