August 3rd, 2008


Finally conquered the Cave of Ordeals

I have, at long last, collected all Poe souls, collected all heart pieces, collected all golden bugs and defeated the Cave of Ordeals in Twilight Princess. And I found all the bugs and probably all the heart pieces without a guide. I will admit that I used a guide for a dozen or so Poe souls, but I can't be bothered to wait for night every time.

That fight with the three Darknuts is, I think, the hardest one in the entire game and also in some ways the most enjoyable. You cannot just take wild swings and hope you connect, because Darknut 1 will block, Darknut 2 will hammer you from in front and Darknut 3 will hammer you from behind. You have to actually concentrate and work at it to win against them, which makes it all the more satisfying when the last one finally goes down. It's quite demanding physically as well thanks to the Wii's control system. I wonder how many calories that battle was worth?