May 26th, 2008

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Apparently, the fact that someone can boot using a live CD, rename "cmd.exe" to "utilman.exe", reboot into Vista and then press Win+U to get a Local System command prompt is breaking news of a gaping security hole that means Vista is horribly insecure.

We'll completely overlook the fact that to boot your own OS you've got physical access to the machine, or that you're already running your own OS on it and hence have completely bypassed any system security short of full password- or smartcard-based encryption.

Rule three of computer security: if someone can get physical access to your computer, it's not your computer anymore.
Tall ships (porthole)

Announcement regarding Metis

Craig, Dan:

The new server I've just built, Metis, is offline until further notice, due to the discovery of a leaky capacitor.

This is most annoying, as I've only had it going for about a week. The other spare motherboard I have is also considered dead, due to extreme reluctance to power on.

Ah well, there goes my plans for a server. Sorry about that.
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