April 19th, 2008

Tall ships (porthole)

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You don't expect to see a malware attack on your LiveJournal friends page of all places. Fortuantly Norton caught it before it could do anything.

Rumour on the internet is that there's a string of banner ads that eventually redirect to malware.
Tall ships (porthole)

Batten down the hatches

...annnd that's the second attack today through livejournal.

For those of you who run site blockers, the culprits are performanceoptimizer dot com and scanner2 dot malware-scan dot com. The former tries to foist an ActiveX control on you, but IE's default security is more than enough to stop it. The latter... not sure what it does, but it was nasty enough for Norton Internet Security to step in.

Khaos' security 2, malware 0.
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