January 25th, 2008

Tall ships (porthole)

Myst Meme

I present to you my attempt at the Myst Meme. I should warn you that I can't draw, or apparently write using a tablet.

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Original meme by Artoveli

Edit: ...argh, I can't speel either. Doubly embarrassing given that I corrected a couple of typos in the original...
Tall ships (porthole)

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Reason #2 why I avoid deviantArt: their site is the worst abuse of Web 2.0 I have ever seen. Having two IE 6 windows open should not prevent a third (I've managed upwards of 50 windows open before now), but if those IE windows have pages from deviantArt then apparently I run out of window handles.

Blame IE all you like (I know Opera can handle a stupid number of deviantArt tabs), the simple fact is I do not see this with any other site.