October 5th, 2007

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Y'know, BT, it'd be a lot easier for me to pay your bill if...
Your IVR system made sense.
Your IVR system didn't forget my number. Multiple times.
Your IVR system didn't get lost and start again.
Your billing enquiries number didn't hang up on me just after saying "you will have to wait in a queue". Multiple times.

Sod this, I'll just pay the thing rather than querying the math (£14.45 - £2.00 != £11.95).
Your automated system didn't reject my card with a "technical problem", leaving me in account limbo. At least have the courtesy to say if my card was actually charged or not. If you do end up charging my card more than once I will be Not Happy.
Your website didn't use images without alt tags for links. That "set up" link is very hard to find when images are turned off and the alt text is missing.
Your website actually let me pay by card online, rather than telling me to use my bank's internet banking.
Your automated system didn't reject my other card. I know there's enough cash in the accounts (and if there's not then I'd like to know who got hold of my account details, and how).
Your non-automated system didn't transfer to the automated system without warning. I'm calling 150 for a reason, 0800443311 doesn't like me.

Sod this, the shops are still open. I'm off to the nearest PayPoint to get this over and done with. I could do with some milk anyway.
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Tall ships (porthole)

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Today's random trivia: PayPoint machines apparently only go up to £50.

Apologies to the local Co-Op staff - I held up the whole store for a good few minutes while they puzzled through their PayPoint and till system (which requires prices to be entered in pence rather than pounds.pence, but doesn't bother to tell you this). But the bill is now paid, and I can phone up BT and Make Stuff Happen when I'm in a better mood, and when their system actually lets me through to the right department for once.