July 4th, 2007

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The plumber's been and fixed the boiler. The sensor for the hot-water demand was stuck on - it's a microswitch on a diaghpram, and something had leaked onto the switch and merrily corroded it. One quick trip to collect spares and it's all sorted now.

The plumber'll be back in a couple of weeks to certify the gas stuff, so this means the cooker needs to be cleaned. Mike's also going to turn up in a day or two to attack the hedge in the back garden with the +3 vorpal hedge trimmer of the ancestors.

Door handle has been replaced - it's a bit stiffer than before (slightly different fitting).

Rent is going to be collected in August.

I think that's all. I keep thinking we should set up a RSS feed somewhere for things like this - Dan, got space on Erebus for such?