June 19th, 2007

Tall ships (porthole)

On IPCop and traffic shaping

Today's discovery: IPCop's traffic shaping is really odd.

About a year ago, I set up traffic shaping at 10240 kbits/sec down, 448 kbits/sec up and forget about it.

Today, I was puzzling over why the slower ADSL2+ connection (3.5Mb/s down, 1.2Mb/s up) actually performed better than the ntl cable (rated for 10Mb/s down, 512kb/s up, in practice about 4Mb/s down) and realised that all testing with ADSL2+ had excluded the IPCop firewall. So I disable the traffic shaping on a whim, and download speeds doubled.

Testing with Virgin Media's FTP server, I just managed to download a 252MB file in about 6 minutes 30 seconds. That's 6.55Mb/s. That's about 2Mb/s more than we generally get from this connection.

Right, anyone know how to set up IPCop traffic shaping such that it doesn't suck?
Tall ships (porthole)

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If all goes well, this should be posted from my laptop using Vodafone's GPRS service.

Buwhahaha! Nowhere is safe from my ramblings!

Edit [from the land of the wired]: to make this post cost me tuppence! Now all I need is to make the email client on the phone behave, and then all I'll need to post is a cellphone signal.