May 3rd, 2007

Tall ships

On diversions and walks

Well, today is polling day across large chunks of England, Scotland and Wales. So, after giving my presentation for my dissertation, I trundled off to the local polling booth to vote.

My lack of knowledge of where the church being used for today's votes was, coupled with a attempted shortcut and a missing road sign resulted in me heading off up the hill away from the church.

Actually, I quite enjoyed the diversion. I ended up wandering round a chunk of Brighton not ten minutes from here that I'd never set foot in before, paused to admire the wonderful view across the valley from what's just about the highest point on this side of it, discovered a large open field that should be perfect for kite flying, and found the local church which I must go to properly one of these days.

I also ended up asking for directions by the time I got to the top of the hill, and by chance met someone who was also going to vote. We walked together to the church, and had a nice little chat about university, politics, and social work. She also recommended the church, and perhaps one day we shall see each other again.

To think if I'd taken the direct route and not missed the turning, none of this would have happened.
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As some of you may know, I got given Lego Mindstorms NXT for my birthday.

At around the same time, Dan bought a rubber band gun, and a couple of trigger assemblies.

The result is this:

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Tall ships (porthole)

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Well, ow.

Nick has topped off a bad day by fumbling a two-part curry sauce thing, and dropping the jar of paste. Which exploded into a suprisingly large number of glass and curry paste pieces.

I wander in to find out what happened, and carefully stay away from the carnage. Or so I thought. On stepping back out of the kitchen, my heel found the pointy end of a triangular piece of glass that had been flung most of the length of the kitchen.


Fortuantly, it went in rather than across, and only just far enough to draw blood.