March 16th, 2007

Tall ships (porthole)

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My laptop appears to run on pixie dust, judging by the fact it's been saying "1 min left" for the past ten minutes, and the current battery capacity has not changed from 0.88W.

IBM Thinkpads continue to impress me.
Tall ships (porthole)

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Bin collection shake-up expected

One-third of councils have already reduced collections More homes could soon see the end of weekly bin collections after government research dismissed hygiene concerns as long as food is wrapped properly.

A third of English councils have already phased out weekly collections of general waste, with many collecting recyclable rubbish on alternate weeks.

This obviously comes from the train of thought which runs "if we collect less rubbish, then it looks like we're recycling more". Which is absolute rubbish.

It's only going to force people to drive to the local tip each week, harming the environment more from all the cars used for this. And that's assuming that people can drive to the tip - those who can't (like, oh I don't know, *students*) will end up putting black bags next to the bin in the vain hope that the bin men will actually do what they're meant to do and take all the rubbish, rather than leave it for the foxes and seagulls to get.

Nasty odurs and flies aren't the problem. It's the councils which don't collect the rubbish and instead let the foxes and seagulls $%&^$