February 28th, 2007

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How to turn 2am into 3am

How to turn 2am into 3am:

Queue up an hours worth of ambient/chill music on your media player. You know the sort, long suspended chords that gently fade into each other, a slow bass drum beat (with maybe a hint of a hi-hat), possibly a simple tune that lasts a good fiften minutes without obviously repeating. Perhaps one formed of white noise samples instead of sines if you find one of the few tracks where someone's got it right. Christmas carols are suprisingly good for this, especially the traditional ones performed by the likes of King's College Choir.

Check your friends page, and find a long and insightful post made by someone.

Think that you should reply to it, then spend the hour staring at the comment box trying to turn your thoughts into words.

Break out from your revire when the end of the playlist is reached and XMPlay jumps to Evanescence (I swear the random mode is psychic), and pound the random button until something more gentle appears.

Bonus marks if the comment makes sense when you read it after a good night's (or more like day's at this time) sleep.

Right, now off to bed before Silent Night makes me fall asleep at my keyboard.
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