October 22nd, 2006

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Well, the machine's been running for a few hours since extracting a ton of dust from the CPU heatsink, and I've also installed Motherboard Monitor 5 to keep track of temperatures and such. Worst-case readings so far:

Case: 26 °C
CPU: 49°C
HDA: 47°C
HDB: 51°C

Core: 1.78 V
+3.3: 3.42 V
+5: 4.66 V (eek!)
+12: 12.42 V

CPU fan: 4530 RPM

I think I can guess why my computer is spontaneously rebooting. That +5 voltage does not look happy, and nor do the scorch marks on all the +5 feeds to the motherboard. Methinks a new power supply is on the horizon...
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Tall ships (porthole)

The urge to write, but not the inspiration

I have a strong feeling of wanting to write something for a particular piece of music, Am I Not Merciful?, from the Gladiator soundtrack...


It's a very powerful piece of music. Starting off gently, gradually rising over the course of a few minutes to a strong climax of strings, surrounding you with the feeling of a powerful, yet sad, judgement being passed down from on high. The drums die away, leaving the infinite sadness of the strings. And then those too fade away, leavnig the sound of the wheat, calm pipes carrying a haunting, eerie melody. More sadness arrives, with voices chanting. Brass and drums bring in yet more suffering, and the judgement is repeated. There's power in this, but it's not good power...


...no, I can't write anything for this. I've the urge but not the inspiration. I blame truely powerful music, and the Gladiator soundtrack is indeed that. Hans Zimmer is a master.

Perhaps I'll manage to work this theme into something else. Maybe even NaNoWriMo, if I'm foolish enough to go through with it (not sure how well it'd go in my original plan though). Meh, I should vary my writing in any case, and try for more original stuff.


There is a very powerful part of the movie that goes with this music - the following quote, from Commodus:

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