October 6th, 2006

Tall ships (porthole)

Problem with sessiongenerate

(x-posted to boggyb and lj_clients)

I'm having problems with sessiongenerate and the cookie it gives. Basically, I want to be able to log in using the client API and grab a session cookie. I then want to use that cookie elsewhere, in this case specifically for viewing friends-only entries that the user account has access to. The problem I'm getting is while the session cookie appears fine, it's not letting me in.

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Ideas anyone? Is this a problem on my end, or is sessiongenerate broken?
Tall ships (porthole)

My coding Muse

My coding Muse has found me again, which is good. I've just spent the past few hours cranking out code for my LiveJournal journal reader, and bashing together a bit of hackery involving internet explorer, visual basic 6 and on-demand post loading. It's now almost at beta level. The only major bug remaining is that friends-only posts *still* don't work, and I think that it's LiveJournal's problem. See the previous post for details.

Now I just need to turn my fingers to the other programs I've been meaning for a while to code. That or actually release something - a trawl through my code folder showed about half-a-dozen programs at release quality, an ancient attempt at writing a Pokémon clone, various unfinished programs ranging from an empty file to a complete UI skeleton, and some stuff that I don't remember writing. Oh, and one program that I think I wrote, but am not actually sure. It has my style, but I can't remember ever writing it.

You know you've been programming too long when you can't remember why you wrote something.