September 15th, 2006

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The trouble with really epic music is that it draws you in and envelopes you in the... feelings/emotions of the music. Reading through some old and very saddening posts on Livejournal doesn't help, especially when the tone of the music is keeping perfect time with the content of the post.
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Tall ships (porthole)

The Pound, Euro and Dollar are not equal. Learn it!

As usual, us Brits are drawing the short straw when it comes to consoles.

The Wii is being launched in America, on the 19th of November, for $250 (approx £133 or ¥29,437).

It's then being launched in Japan on the 2nd of December for ¥25,000 (approx £113 or $212).

And finally in Europe on the 6th of December for £179/€249 (approx $335 or ¥39500). WTF? (and this is direct from Nintendo, not speculation)

Assuming conversion rates stay stable (at time of writing £1 is worth $1.88, €1.48 or ¥221), we're paying about £50 more than the Americans and £70 more than the Japanese. At those prices it actually becomes cheaper to import from Japan

Note to big multinationals: $ ≠ £ ≠ €

At least we're getting a game bundled with it, though myself I'd prefer the option of having, say, Twilight Princess.
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