August 7th, 2006

Tall ships (porthole)

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Sodding blocked drains.

Hence my shower took a lot longer, and was rather cold as I tried to keep the flow rate low enough to not flood the bath. Unfortuantly, we have an on-demand hot water system, which doesn't switch on unless you get enough water going through the system.

And then to add to that, the kitchen sink is now blocked as well.


Edit #1: Oh, and to add to this, svchost.exe just imploded here, taking with it half of the networking services. Hence my ethernet connection is now in a state of limbo and can't decide if it's connected or not.

Edit #2: ...and there's some nasty messages in the event log. Nasty messages like "The file system structure on the disk is corrupt and unusable". This is not a good morning.
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Tall ships (porthole)

On Palms and battery life

Those who know me may know that I tend to carry a Palm around with me (a Vx, to be precise).

I've not been using it recently, and so forget to do things like put it on to charge.

The other day I was looking for it, and couldn't find it. I didn't think much of it at the time, reasoning that either a) I have it, and it's buried somewhere, or b) I've left it somewhere, in which case no point trying.

Just now I did a tidy-up of papers, and found it buried under my pencil case of all places. Turned it on, and after a few moments the battery display jumped from ~80% to ~30%. Computer logs show it was last synchronised on the 18th, which means it's not been charged for nearly 3 weeks.

If this had been a Win CE (now known as Pocket PC) widget, the battery would have been long dead.

True, all hardware sucks, but Palm managed to Get It Right™, and even more amazingly, they Got It Right™ first time. The PalmPilot series are some of the best-designed devices I've ever come across.
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