July 7th, 2006

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So much for overtaking Will at Project Eden, but that's because he ended up playing it solid for a day or two, whereas I left it for the same day or two. I'd forgotten how poor the ending was, though the gameplay does make up for it somewhat. I still like games with a real plot, where the ending isn't merely "Congratulations, you have defeated the Zorkans!". At least it's not a massive plot cop-out just before the final battle.

Hmm, should probably play Baten Kaitos some more, as the Gamecube's heading back to my sister in a week. Not touched it for the past couple of weeks, I think through being elsewhere and doing other things.

Thinking of games, there's a great Legend of Zelda fanfilm that appeared a couple of weeks ago. Don't let the fact that it's a) Zelda or b) a fanfilm put you off - this one manages to keep it serious for all of 15 minutes before completely losing it and then having Tingle get rid of Navi with the baseball bat from Super Smash Bros (complete with sound effect). The videos are all over here, but if nothing else you must watch the battle that's 7 or 8 minutes in to part 3. Glory Seeker vs Link for the win!
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