September 16th, 2005


Name That Song, round 1: Beware - playlist on full random!

Cross-posted to boggyb and name_that_song

I've decided to follow milestogo13's lead in the memage of naming songs. Rules are the same as his ones here, and I'll do the comment screening as well so everyone gets a chance. In addition to this, I will award ½ a mark if you only get half of it right (e.g. only the artist or the title instead of both). I'll also be nice and only include songs with words from my playlist. That doesn't mean they'll all be in English though. Oh, and a bonus mark if you get the riddle.

Shiver me timbers mateys, thar lines be closed now!

Collapse ) Arr, and I be updating this on talk like a pirate day as well mateys!