June 30th, 2005


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It's probably very unwise for anyone to go anywhere near milestogo13's memes...

Generate Your Own "VH1: Behind the Music Special" -- Why wait until you're bankrupt and alone? by MilesToGo13
You rose to stardom...in the punk circuit between New York, Boston and D.C., where even your peers gave you an extra measure of respect for managing to work the words hate, pain, stomp, and Oi into every single one of your songs (and most of your song titles) at least five times.
Your first big break came in the form of...a serendipitous if not tragic accident, where your group's raggedy tour bus lost its brakes while passing through Los Angeles, sending you careening out of control into the middle of an American Idol audition line. Dozens of future Idols were killed instantly, earning you the endless gratitude of the legitimate recording industry, and a record deal.
Your career reached an all-time high after...an NBC technician accidentally put the uncensored version of your tour DVD into the machine when he was supposed to be cueing up a presidential press-conference, breaking into the regularly scheduled programming just as the intro reached that really good part with the roadie, the eight-ball of coke, and the donkey.
Your recreational activity of choice on tour was..coating a slip and slide in pure LSD and just seeing where the ride took you.
But then, tragedy struck, when...after consuming what can only be described as a heroic dose of meth, heroin, and X before a show, your lead guitarist actually explodes at the height of his most intense solo.
You were crushed, filling your days with...phone calls to your old roadies, trying not to sound too hurt when they tell you how much fun they're having with their new bands. Because you're happy for them, all you wanted was for them to be happy, right?
But then, your savior came along in the form of...tryss
These days, you spend most of your time...inventing new devices to just grill the everloving hell out of things, because if it's good enough for George Foreman, it's good enough for you.
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