June 9th, 2005

Tall ships (porthole)

One down, six to go

Right, well I've finally put my exam timetable up - it's over here if any of you are interested.

So far I've only had the CS exam, and the rest are still to come. The CS went quite well, but I'm sure that's going to be offset by the AI on Saturday due to the laws of karma. Then again, I'm probably due some karma considering what this computer has been up to recently. If it carries on with its shenanigans much longer I might as well just regress back to the bronze age of 486SX boxen running WIndows 95, or maybe even 3.1. It's a shame pratically nothing runs with OS/2 nowadays, otherwise I'd be using that instead (now there's a rock-solid OS). But that's life and computering gods for you.

Speaking of computing gods, last night pewterfish suggested that instead of attempting to find a goat or chicken, I instead make do with 3cc of mouse blood and 4 small bits of wood. I think I'll put that idea on hold, as after monkeying with settings that have great big warning signs on them (along the lines of "we cannot be held responsible if changing this setting results in unexpected behaviour, including but not limited to random crashes, imploding components, exploding components, and the permanent tripping of the mangelfrezuer switch") I seem to have got things to settle down a bit. It still stutters, but I have to hammer the I/O a bit harder to make that happen.

Maybe I need a "magic / more magic" switch somewhere.
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Bad Wolf

Watching the bytes travel

I've finally got round to doing something with a spare 20gig I stuck in my computer a week or two back. My plans are to return to the automated backup system I had, but with a few more partitions just to make things fun. Of course, as soon as I fired up PartitionMagic it took a dislike to that drive, claiming that first the partition offsets were wrong and then that the partition size was wrong. And after that it then flatly refuses to have anything to do with that partition until I kill it.

So, I'm running a xcopy with about a dozen parameters to copy the entire directory tree over to some space elsewhere. In theory I could just fdisk the disk as it's basically a two-year-old snapshot of my data, but I've been bitten before by abusing fdisk, which resulted in a partition being used for scratch space going bye-bye, and me a few days later realising that actually, some of the stuff there was rather useful.

And now it appears to be copying over various source trees (currently mozilla 1.4a, by the looks of things), which being full of little C files are going at about 1 megabyte per second. Compared to earlier transfers with larger files, where it peaked at over 12 MB/s (running disk-to-disk on the same ATA100 bus). Next will be to zap that partition, then re-run PartitionMagic and start juggling drives.

On the plus side, I've been fairly hammering the I/O for a good while now, and the music from XMPlay has been almost rock-steady (only a couple of slight glitches).
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