May 19th, 2005

Tall ships (porthole)

Why am I on your friends list?

Pulled from the_ladylark:
Why am I on your friends list?

Then post this in your LJ to see what people say about you.

No point replying if it's something obvious, like through MSN or through meeting each other in RL first, but I am curious about those who have added me out of the blue.

As the_ladylark said, this also makes for a good excuse to de-friend me. I've never taken offence when this has happened, and (probably because of how the "friend" metaphor is overloaded here) also never thought that you have to add everyone who adds you. But that's LiveJournal's fault for making it both a list of "friends" and people you watch.
Tall ships (porthole)

What sound does a computer in a power cut make?

>click< Wheeeeeeee!

So, at home the gas men are digging up the road to lay a new gas main or whatever. And they're happily digging with their little JCB, when there's a small eruption of magic smoke and the power to half the street goes out.

Seems that whoever marked the electricity and gas mains forgot to mark where one crossed t'other (or something like that). With the result that the electricity men have come along with their little JCB to dig a bit more and fix the power supply.

Of course, first I knew of this was about 7 rings in when trying to phone home, and I thought "where's the anasphone?"